Andrew Gange

Personal Trainer based in Leicester


Personal Training

PT-7 offers bespoke personal training to suit your needs. Whether you’re trying to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, improve fitness or you have a special occasion to look your best at, then we have the plan for you.

1 on 1, partner and small group PT is available all from the private Find Your Fitness training studio in Wigston. Interested? Then book in a free 30 min consultation today.

Group Sessions

Group classes are available on a weekly basis and designed to help you reach your fitness goals. We have classic fat burners like circuit training and kettle bells and new classes like strongman and HIIT, to help increase strength and fitness in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

All classes are tailored to any fitness level, so have a look at the class timetable and then book your first session in for free today.

Corporate Sessions

PT-7 has been working with local businesses for the past few years, helping their staff increase their productivity and team skills through improved fitness and better nutritional knowledge.

Currently working with Dunelm Mill and Code Student lettings, fitness schemes are set up either as weekly classes or 6-12 week fitness packages. All training is performed in house and extra nutritional support is provided.

If you’re interested in fining out how PT-7 can help your work place get fitter then get in contact today.




PT-7- My training philosophy

Hi my name is Andrew and I created PT-7 (Personal Training 7) back in June 2010 with the idea of providing an accessible, bespoke training service that works around a modern lifestyle.

Once qualified as a personal trainer I quickly realised that everybody moves and functions in a different way, so I decided to further my learning and become a functional training specialist. What this means is I can assess your movement patterns and devise a program to help you achieve your goals faster. Whether that is weight loss, muscle gain or sports specific training. If you’re prepared to work “smart” then your goals can be achieved.

PT-7 Programs are not designed around the same thing you’ve done year after year with minimal results; rather the program is designed around your movement and objectives. What this means is you won’t just squat, because that’s what you do when you train, you will squat if that’s the movement pattern required to achieve your goal. Some of the tools I use to achieve this include free weights, suspension training, ViPR, kettle bells and bodyweight.

I have worked with everyone from business executives, sports professionals to average Joes! If you’re looking to improve you fitness levels, change body shape or it’s rehabilitation, then get in contact via the details below for a free 30 minute consultation. I look forward to helping you reach your goals, Andrew.


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