Andrew’s 4 week wedding regime!

I was looking for a personal trainer in Leicester to help me get into shape for my wedding, and as a classic male, I gave myself 4 weeks. My partner on the other hand was well on her way to her goal weight with time to spare. I was made aware of PT-7’s serviced by word of mouth, through a friend that had trained with Andrew before and decided to give him a call.

There are always obstacles when taking on a new challenge but especially with an upcoming wedding as finances were pretty tight, so I knew I had to give my all to help make this a sound investment.

With my main goal to lose weight and tone I was surprised at how much food I was expecting to eat, it was significantly more than I was eating before when I was gaining weight. I really enjoyed the combination of strength and high intensity interval training and it enabled me to get the results needed in a short period of time.

The results from my 5-week training regime included, looking and feeling better. I lost a lot of inches around my belly that had crept on, and can now fasten the top button on a 16” shirt which I hadn’t been able to do for a long time

Probably my favourite thing that has come from this is that it’s made me more discerning with my eating. I’m on the road a lot with work and was starting to become a bit of an advert for Ginsters! McDonalds breakfast in a morning and Greggs on the way home, when I wake up at 6 to go to the gym it makes me think twice about driving in to those places and the temptation is getting easier and easier to deal with. I still feel like I have some work to do but am actually inclined to continue with the regime after I get back from my honeymoon, which I had never expected to be the case. If this ends up being a true lifestyle change it really will have been money well spent. I’ve also learned that having a salad when you’re out isn’t the worst thing in the world…and that Aldi do great smoked salmon!











Starting weight 88kg (193.6lbs) – 20% body fat

Finishing weight 83.9kg (184.5lbs) – 16% body fat

Starting waist 40inch/102cm

Finishing waist 37inch/94.5cm

Starting abdomen 39inch/99.5cm

Finishing abdomen 36inch/91.5cm

Mark’s 5 week transformation

I first met Andrew a few years back when he used to run boot-camps and fitness programmes around Leicestershire. Both my wife and I had attended these with great results.

It was 2 weeks after Christmas, I was feeling fat and bloated, and was only 6 weeks off turning 40. I was struggling to fit into my shirts and we had a long weekend away planned to celebrate my birthday. When the email flyer came through I hadn’t seen Andrew for probably 3 years but the email really inspired me to get myself motivated into action.

After the initial consultation with Andrew I was so impressed and very motivated. To have someone guide you into the right way to eat and the right way to train, this is utterly invaluable. The personal training programme was well set out, easy to follow but done in a way to maximise results without it becoming tedious. I trained once a week with Andrew at his private training studio in Leicester and the other training sessions were performed at home. The nutritional side was explained in detail, but with scope for it to fit into my work/home life. I found it very easy to implement from day one and saw results right from the off.

In the 5 ½ week programme I’ve dropped approx 11lbs. 3 inches from my waist. My clothes are fitting as they should, with room to spare! To meet my friends at the airport, whom I hadn’t seen properly for a few weeks, and the first thing they say is ‘Wow you look great!’ made the whole process worthwhile.

Before, I was feeling fat and bloated. I would come home from work and slob on the sofa with no energy at all. I’d snack on the wrong things and really felt stuck in a rut. Following the PT-7 programme guided me into eating the right things, at the right times. Training was structured and explained so it was easy to follow without getting boring. The results were amazing, both physically and mentally. And the fundamentals regarding diet and fitness are now part of my daily life going forward.

 Mark’s 5 weeks in numbers;

Starting weight 89.5kg (196.9lbs) – 22.5% body fat

Finishing weight 84.8kg (186.5lbs)- 19% body fat

Starting waist 37inch/94cm

Finishing waist 34inch/86cm

Starting abdomen 39.5inch/100cm

Finishing abdomen 34.5inch/87.5cm



Try mixing your breakfast up for optimal focus and body fat reduction.



About 6 months ago I switched my usual breakfast of porridge and protein shake for meat and nuts. Why on earth would I do this? I was preparing for a fitness shoot in Leicester and needed to drop some body fat and also increase my energy levels to combat all the 6am starts. After a bit of research I came across the idea of eating protein and fats first thing. The idea is that the meat allows for a slow and steady rise in blood sugar  and the nuts provide fat for the blood sugar to remain stable for an extended period (this avoids energy crashes). Also the meat and nut breakfast raises both dopamine and acetyl-choline, the two most important neurotransmitters for focus and drive.

Above are some of the snaps from my shoot. My body fat is down to 10%(using the Durnin/Womersley 4 point caliber test) at 90kg and 31 years old. As a personal trainer I also need to be fit so it was important I kept my strength. I hit a dead lift of 190kg, bench of 137.5kg and squat of 140kg in the same month.

Through having a busy personal training business in Leicester, sometimes my own diet and exercise regimes get a little lost, but I know as a fitness professional I am a walking advertisement, so my change in focus on training and nutrition was important. All I needed was a few small changes to reduce body fat and the change in breakfast and increased focus on nutrition allowed for this. Interested in finding out how you can drop body fat then drop me an email at


12 Week challenge, what have I learnt?

In September last year I began the first 12 week transformation challenge at the Find Your Fitness UK training studio in Wigston, Leicester. Our aim was to help a group of people from various ages and backgrounds to drop body fat through a sustainable eating plan.

I realized through years of personal training that writing up a diet plan and distributing to people wasn’t going to bring a significant return on the transformations. I felt the key was to educate and monitor those involved over the 12 week period to yield the greatest results. By the end of the 12 weeks a total weight loss of 65KG (143lbs) through 10 participants, a success? I’d say so.

The results have been fantastic and the participants have learnt a lot but myself and PT-7 have probably learnt more! I have 5 years Personal Training experience in Leicester and around the world. I have been taught how to deliver sessions, write up training programmes, market business’s, pose for photos and do the odd biceps curl! But over the past 12 weeks I’ve realized how important nutrition is in transforming clients bodies and also how little information is given to the general public and trainers a like on these subjects.

At PT-7, Leicester, we have not invented a new fad diet or discovered a new super food. All we have done is provide basic information on carbohydrates, proteins and fats and educated people on how many calories they should consumed, dependent on body fat percentages and body type. Then offered weekly support and guidance through face-to-face meetings, smart phone apps and Facebook updates. Through this we have produced some of the best weight loss results in Leicester.

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  • I think it’s a great idea mixing up our breakfast, and so far I’ve found a carb free early pre-workout meal to be challenging but also rewarding, thanks for the info Andrew

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